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How I got started

I was first introduced to Quake by my friends at uni. I wasn't that interested to begin with as it looked like just another Doom-like game... then I found it wasn't... A couple of weeks ago, we were having one of our regular Net Parties and we began playing Team Fortress. I have since upgraded to a new computer (see below) and am practicing for future Team Fortress battles.

My New PC

This machine was bought with Win 95 usage in mind but is pretty decent at quake just the same. Here's the details

  • AMD K6 200Mhz CPU
  • Asus TX97 M/board
  • 32 Mb SDRAM
  • Matrox Mystique 220 4Mb
  • Quantum Fireball 3.2GB HDD
  • LG Studioworks 57i 15" monitor
  • AWE 64 Sound Card